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If anyone has been wondering where terpsichore1980, elvum, mrpj_antarctica, johnckirk and I have been, wonder no longer. We have been skiing (except for John, who was snowboarding). And it was great, and I can ski!
We went to Les Deux Alpes, which is somewhere in France. The resort and skiing were great; the apartment less so (as in, there was only one hob that worked, and that was sufficiently intermittent to thwart our Pancake-Day plans.
terpsichore1980 and I went to ski school in the mornings, which involved getting out on the slopes by 9am (boo!). We weren't in the same class as she could already ski and I, well, couldn't. This was brought home to me on my first day of ski school. elvum had kindly, and very patiently, spent an hour or so coaxing me down a baby slope in terrified snowplough before the first lesson, whereupon we were immediately expected to be able to ski down a slope, turning, and not falling over. I was not the only one who failed miserably at this. However, I managed to fall behind, and then fall over, and then fail to figure out how to replace my ski bindings, while watching the rest of my ski school calmly getting a gondola to the top of the mountain. Without me. Humph. Once I finally rejoined them, I was berated for being unhappy (er, hello, you just abandoned me), not skiing fast enough (I fell over while going fast and you abandoned me), and then called an "inbecile". Suffice it to say that I was not greatly enamoured of skiing by the end of this lesson, and had lost virtually all my confidence. :(
However, on the second day, the beginners had to do a slalom, and were separated into groups. I was the first one to be picked out for the "terrible" group (by the same guy and in the same accent as "imbecile" the previous day), which actually turned out to be the intermediate of three groups. This was Good. The two demon-teachers from the first day took the higher and lower groups, while we were assigned to The Lovely Jeremy. I should point out that Jeremy was Lovely because he was nice, and, like, actually tried to teach us rather than insulting us, and not because he was cute (although he was cute, but that's not the point...)
So with the help of the Lovely Jeremy, I am now theoretically able to do parallel turns and launch myself down blue slopes with abandon. Well, except when they go a bit red, and I panic and elvum or mrpj_antarctica has to come and rescue me... (thanks guys!) Of course, I'll have forgotten half of this by the next time I can afford to go skiing, but it feels good anyway. Except for the bruises and the knee, and they are definitely worth it.



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Feb. 9th, 2008 06:20 pm (UTC)
I was rubbish too the first year I ski'd but found I had forgotten remarkably little by the following year and then really progressed.
there's hope for you yet! Glad you had a good time.
Mum :-)
Never fell over, never hurt myself, never even slipped - but there again - never went skiing!
Feb. 9th, 2008 10:55 pm (UTC)
Yay for skiing!

Learning as an adult isn't ideal: ideally, you want to learn as a child or teenager, when you feel indestructible. But learning to ski as an adult is way better than never learning at all :-)

Oh, and bah for insulting French ski instructors. Bah, I say.
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