Susannah (susannahf) wrote,

postit note planning

You know how sometimes you want to write down a plan, but don't know where to start? 
Way back when, I went on a project management course, and one of the best things I learned was using postit notes to plan something.
You can start anywhere you like, write a task, or a sub-project or a section of the paper, or whatever it is that you are breaking your project up into, and put it on a postit note.  And stick it somewhere.  Then write another, and stick it somewhere sensible in relation to the first. 
When you suddenly realise you want to reorganise it, you can - it's only postit notes.  You can even tear them in half if necessary (and stick blutac on the back of the half without any sticky if you need to).
I really love this method.  Somehow, having the freedom of knowing that I *can* rearrange the notes means that I get it 90% right first time.  If I tried to write it on a sheet of paper though, I'd end up starting at a blank space for ages, worried that I'd start in the wrong place.

Of course, recording it is another issue...
Tags: dphil, planning
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